IPSEC tunnel works for most traffic–not SMB

  • I have a tunnel set up between two networks that were previously linked by a T1. Both sites use Active Directory and are in a single domain.

    The main site (A) has a Watchguard Firebox running newest firmware. The remote site (B) has a pfsense box, also running the latest firmware. The hardware for the pfsense box is an old watchguard device, firebox x700.

    After establishing the tunnel, I am able to ping hosts on the remote side, and RDP to them as well. However, SMB will not work. I also attempted to use the Computer Management interface, which similarly did not work. I did a packet capture while attempting dir \remotehost\sharename and could see that the packets made it over the ipsec interface, but I get an error, The network path was not found. Same result when using the IP address rather than host name.

    There is a pass any/any rule set up on both the LAN and IPSEC interfaces in the firewall rules section. There is an equivalent rule set up on the watchguard device.

    Any suggestions on what I can do to resolve this error?

    As troubleshooting steps so far, I have changed MTU on both sides to 1300 with no effect.

  • Never mind–I discovered that there was a SMB deny rule on the Watchguard site. It was created by my predecessor and I didn't realize it would override the tunnel allow any/any rule.

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