Intel D2500CCE Mini-ITX with pfsense 10k states and 100mbit throughput.

  • Hi

    I have some questions which i wonder about before i will by a new motherboard for my pfsense setup.

    This is a motherboard with a intel atom processor and to intel nics, which i made sure of since that is recommended from the pfsense wiki.

    To day my setup is NATin for 4-7 computer, where 3 are servers and the rest is home computers. the servers is holding up web and game servers.

    The current pfsense box is currently running with a approximately 7% cpu load of a AMD athlon 6000+, to nvidia nics.

    The average mbit throughput is around 50 mbit out and 30 mbit in. but sometimes the whole 100mbit connection.

    The average number of state when people usually games is around 10k.

    I was thinking of putting 4 gigs of ram on the atom build, which is max.

    Do you guys think that the intel nics and the atom box will manage this load without problems, and if things get bigger handle that?

    A link to the motherboard/cpu:
    Intel product sheet:

    Sorry for bad english

    Thanks for any help :)


    Edit: i do not know what it is, but the mbuf usage is around 12k now, so you have that to look at to :)

  • That will very, very easily handle that with plenty to spare.

  • ok, thanks :)

    Just so i learn something,

    How much would you think a box like that would handle?

    And what do NATin influence the scaling part?

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