[Solved] Can only ping Gateways

  • I installed OPT1 interface with an address of and directly connected a host with and as default gateway.

    From 3.2 I can ping my LAN interface's Default gateway but no other address on LAN, and from 3.2 I can get to the internet.

    From ANY LAN address (including default gateway) I can only ping 3.1(3.2 times out).

    If I goto Diagnostics>ping on the pfsense box and use the OPT1 interface to ping 3.2 it times out.

    I have double checked my rules, again and again, also checked my logs but couldn't really figure it out. (done a lot of searching.)

    It seems like I can only ping the other subnet's gateway, and the firewall is blocking everything else.

    Please help, thanks.  :(

  • Sounds like 3.2 has a host firewall blocking ping. The LAN hosts, that's my first guess as well if you're not seeing it blocked in the firewall logs. Some host firewalls default to allowing the local subnet and blocking all else.

  • wow good job! and thank you

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