Pfsense using swap memory when it shouldn't !?

  • Hi,

    My pfsense machine is up without any restarts for several days, it's working great but i notticed that swap memory using is increasing, yasterday was at 2% now is at 4%…With 40-50% loading of ram, is it normaly ?i thought that swap is used when memory is at full use...


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    It depends on the actual usage. If things are really not being used in RAM it can swap out a little to keep using RAM for caching and overall speed. That's really a question for FreeBSD in general though. I thought someone out there had an FAQ/Wiki entry about that for FreeBSD.

  • Not to resurrect a dead(ish) thread but I'm having the same problem.  I assumed it was Snort until I disabled the interface it was listening on.  My swap fills up after a day or so.  The only package installed is snort, but it isn't enabled currently.

    I had dansguardian installed to play with, but that has been removed as well.

  • But… when I removed the snort package outright swap cleared up and system appears to be running normally.

    By the way, the system has 4GB of RAM and is a core 2 duo Intel system.  Shouldn't be a problem, but oh well.  I was planning to bring up snort on a mirror port anyway.

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