Ipsec VPN Mobile Client (Ipad / Iphone)

  • Hello,

    i add with this manual  a VPN connection to my pfsense for Ipad and Iphone.
    It worked fine! But only when i start the connection from outside of my own network. If the Ipad is connected to the Wlan of the pfsense i can get no connection to my server, and to the internet.

    I am thinking it is a problem of the selected Interface in the Phase 1 setting. So i decided to add a second phase 1 entry.
    But with this idea i have some trouble :-(

    1. In the phase 1 entrie there is a additional setting "Remote gateway" i do not know what it means.
    2. At the Authentication methode is "Mutual PSK + Xauth" not possible.

    Can anybody give me some help to use the VPN connection from inside?

    Regards Huhjukel

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Mobile IPsec is really meant to be for remote devices, not local. You can't make more than one Phase 1.

    If it were OpenVPN you could just add a port forward to make it available on multiple interfaces, but IPsec is much less forgiving.

    Why do you need IPsec on top of your Wifi?

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