Intel DQ77KB "Thin" Mini ITX board

  • Don't know how useful this is but I thought I'd share.

    Intel recently released a number of Ivy Bridge boards, and among them is the DQ77KB

    I didn't purchase it for a pfsense box, it was going to be the base for a small footprint ODD-less HTPC, but then MERde happened and now is running pfsense :P

    Either way, both integrated Intel NICs are supported (at least by pfsense 2.0.1 x64) and is a rather able little thing.

    It takes external PSUs with the same connector as some Dell PSUs (I'm using a 130W brick that originally belonged to a now defunct and sorely missed Dell XPS Gen2).

    It also has an internal connector (12 to 19V, up to 10A) if you have a Meanwell PSU gathering dust somewhere.

    It has two Mini PCIe slots, one half height, the other either half or full height (with mSATA support).

    It also has a PCIe x4 (CPU bound) slot (which in my case is occupied by an PRO/1000 PT QUAD NIC I bought a while ago from eBay… pulled from a Sun blade I presume, which gives me a total of 6 network interfaces)...

    Either way, a bit on the pricey side when you add a CPU (I have an i3-2120T on it), RAM etc etc but if an ATOM board is not enough and a server board is too much maybe something like this could be the solution...

  • Nice motherboard. It would defo make a nice pfsense box.

    Shame about MER and skys custom DHCP options.

  • Just booted mine up with a Celeron G530 and 2gigs of ram. Latest 2.1 x86 snapshot. I get kernel panic's with 2.0.1. Waiting for my Travla C292 case. Might have to change the cpu cooler due to the pci-e riser.

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