Tunnel - pfSense - Netgear FVS336GV2

  • Any chance anyone has guide on how to setup a connection between these two routers?

    Getting the following two messages on the pfSense:

    Jul 1 17:58:22 racoon: [Self]: INFO:[500] used as isakmp port (fd=16)
    Jul 1 17:58:22 racoon: WARNING: setsockopt(UDP_ENCAP_ESPINUDP_NON_IKE): UDP_ENCAP Invalid argument

    Getting the following on the Netgear:
    2012 Jul  1 18:41:11 [FVS336GV2] [IKE] Phase 2 negotiation failed due to time up. d5088f3b4e3149b7:621b2e06f86cae5b:d67a7f52_
    2012 Jul  1 18:40:11 [FVS336GV2] [IKE] Adjusting encryption mode to use UDP encapsulation_
    2012 Jul  1 18:40:10 [FVS336GV2] [IKE] Initiating new phase 2 negotiation: 74.xx.150.xx[0]<=>64.xxx.164.xxx[0]_
    2012 Jul  1 18:40:10 [FVS336GV2] [IKE] Configuration found for 64.xxx.164.xxx._
    2012 Jul  1 18:40:10 [FVS336GV2] [IKE] Using IPsec SA configuration:<->


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