Multi VLANs with pfsense

  • Hi, I need some guidance with next network configuration. I have for different subnets and they have to be configured so clients from different subnets are not allowed to see each other. All client from all subnets should have the same gateway (pfSense 2) with pppoe dial up on wan interface. And here is an schematic:

    WAN Internet provider (dynamic DHCP over PPPOE)

    l l l l -managed switch (smart with VLAN capability)

    These subnet are also configured on manage switch (group of ports managed for each subnet) but the forth subnet should be accessible for other three subnet (4th subnet are for printers) so all client from other subnets (1,2,3) should be able to print (subnet 4).

    Please help.

  • -configure the vlans on pfsense + assign interfaces for each vlan  (both can be done at interfaces –> assign)
    -create the appropriate firewall rules

    configure your ports on the switch:
    -tag all vlans on a single port and connect it to pfsense
    -create the desired untagged ports and don't forget to set the pvid


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