2.0.1 Traffic Shaping limiting internal LAN transfers on a gigabit LAN

  • Hi - was hoping someone might be able to assist.  I have HFSC traffic shaping working well for WAN traffic over my home cable modem service.  However, it appears when I transfer large files between wired PCs on my gigabit LAN, I'm being limited to 10 MB/sec.

    My LAN interface is setup as 1 GBit and my WAN interface is 3.8 Mbit.

    Wasn't sure whether I need to do anything in particular to prevent my internal LAN traffic between PCs on the LAN from being sent into a queue that is shaped?

  • Unless you have more than one LAN interface on your router LAN traffic is not affected from the firewall.

  • Give us a network map.

    LAN traffic should not even hit your firewall unless it's destined for the internet.

    Internet security suites that scan every packet can sometimes limit transfer rates… also... check your switch and make sure you have gigabit links on every device.

  • One other suggestion, you should test your network with something like jperf (iperf gui for windows).  File transfers are not always a good judge of bandwidth limits because of all the dependencies involved.  The problem could be with the sending/receiving  hard drive, filesystem, OS, NIC, or some combination of those.  If Jperf shows a good amount of bandwidth the bottleneck is not the network.

    http://openmaniak.com/iperf.php#jperf - Jperf tutorial


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