Problem manually editing bannedsitelist file for Dansguardian

  • Hello all,

    I am trying to do something that works on Dansguardian 2.10 on Ubuntu but no longer works on Dansguardian 2.12 on pfSense.

    I have a script that runs based on a cron job that manually edits the bannedsitelist file, among others, to do some specific time based filtering.  At the end of the script I restart Dansguardian with the -r option.  As I mentioned above it works great on our old system but in migrating to our new system it no longer works.  The file stored in the lists folder is edited by the script properly, but when Dansguardian is restarted that file is replaced by the version of the file that existed as of the last restart, or as of the last edit via the web interface.  It's as if while Dansguardian is running it does not use the file on the hard drive but is using a cached version of it.

    How can I edit this cached version?

    Thanks for any help,


  • AJungleDog,

    You will need to change your script to update dansguardian xml config using php instead of editing config files.

    take a look on dansguardian.php, it could be a good start to understand how to read and change dansguardian xml conf.

    Marcello Coutinho.

    ps: before any test, backup your config.

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