PPPoe connection cannot reconnect by itself after periodic reset.

  • Hello,

    I have 2 VDSL router in bridge mode. Each router is connected to a vlan trough a Catalyst 3560.

    I configured two interfaces (one for each router) on pfsense (VM) to access those vlan and set them in PPPoe mode.

    The PPPoe connection works fine.

    The problem is that my ISP automatically initiates a reset of the link every 36 hours. So to prevent a disconnection during opening hours, I initiate myself a reset of the connection every day at midnight with the periodic reset tool in the pfsense interface web page.

    But it works very badly, because every day or two, one or both of my pppoe connection is down (pending in gateway status).

    I have to go on the interfaces status page and click on the "connect button" myself (sometimes I have to do it twice because it fails)

    After that everything is fine until the next reset that fails.

    Is there any connection retry tool or script/cron available to avoid the manual check and restart of my pppoe connection.

    Thanks in advance

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