ECS 6100SM-M and BroadCom Lan

  • Hi all

    First, I congratulate all pfSense Developers for his work.

    I want to set up a firewall so I will buy new hardware, I am a little limited on budget so I wonder if this motherboard's Ethernet is supported


    It comes with BroadCom AC131 10/100 Onboard LAN, anyone tried it?

    Thanks in advance

  • AFAIK this NIC is unsupported under FreeBSD. I've also heard GeForce chipsets in general are not the greatest when running non-Windows OSs. Personally, I would look for something else. But that's just my opinion, and it's based on half-remembered heresay.

  • Thanks for your answer, what do you think about this one ?

    It has Realtek chip

  • I remember newer Realtek chips not being supported, but that may have been on the older FreeBSD 6.1 based versions.
    You might want to check the FreeBSD 6.2 hardware notes. Intel NICs tend to be stable and well supported, so I would look for a board with them onboard. The cheaper boards unfortunately tend to come with crappy NICs.

  • Go with Intel if you plan on staying with FreeBSD/pfSense.  Intel supports their cards in FreeBSD more than any other vendor with almost weekly changes to -CURRENT (FreeBSD 7-CURRENT) which we will be switching to in due time.

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