Quagga OSPF GUI producing alittle wrong ospfd.conf

  • Hello!

    If you want a route to be not destributed, even if you have it connected or static, you can do this with a access-list:

    destribute-list LIST out kernel

    access-list LIST deny
    access-list LIST deny
    access-list LIST permit any

    in the interface of quagga in pfsense a "Disable Redistribution" and a network produces just a

    no network area

    which is actually wrong….

    what would be a solution which also would be nice is just to cancel the creation of the ospfd.conf file - if someone just needs standard things it is ok - but i am routing over tunnel interfaces - so i have to cancel the destribution of these networks, as you cannot route the outer tunnel adress through the inner one, and i do not need the official address to be destributed to other routers :)

    so - with filer it would be ok to just edit the ospfd.conf file. or ofcourse the creation of the accesslists.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Can you open up a bug in http://redmine.pfsense.org/ under packages and assign that to me? Be sure to link back to this thread also.

    I knew that was probably wrong when I did it but I didn't have a good example to work from to make it work correctly. I'll fix that up when I can (but not today as it's a holiday and I won't be doing any coding and such)

  • That is great to hear! Thx. I will open a bug and post a detailed configuration example and variations as soon as i have access to some running quagga router-configs….

  • Thx alot for Version v0.5
    works perfekt.


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