Cron with freeradius2 reset counter command

  • Following these instructions

    So if you would like to reset the counter daily at midnight you need to manually add a cron job. Easiest way to do so is to install the "Cron" package from pfSense package manager: Reset everyday at midnight:

    minute hour mday month wday who               command
    *      *  0              *    *          root    /bin/rm /var/log/radacct/datacounter/daily/used-octets-*

    I have done this and nothing seems to reset , how ever if I execute the command manually in PF it works.
    I left it running two nights in a row and the users still had the same amount of used bandwidth.

  • probably my mistake in the wiki. Try this.

    minute   hour    mday    month    wday          who                   command
    *          0        *     *          *          root        /bin/rm /var/log/radacct/datacounter/daily/used-octets-*

    Should reset the counter at 0 o'clock

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