Send an internal source through remote proxy

  • Hi, first post – please be gentle. (:

    I have a single host on my network and I want to send all traffic originating with this host out to be proxied through a remote system on the Internet (not a gateway within the same subnet as my WAN link default GW).  How can I accomplish this in pfsense?

    I am running 2.0.1-Release.  I have a very simple set-up, two NICs: one WAN one LAN.  WAN connects directly to ISP, LAN connects to internal network and serves DHCP and DNS.  Internally the network is a flat /24.

    And no, the internal system doesn't have a proxy setting.  (:

    I am comfortable with basic networking and routing, but I'm not sure how this is presented in the pfSense interface; I am very new to pfSense.

    Thanks for any pointers.

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