Thanks PfSense :)

  • This is not so much a question but more of a thanks, did not know where else to put it.

    Over the past year or so I have been playing with pfsense, I use it at home and a few local businesses. I am using such things like, vpn, proxys, antivirus, failover, vlans, captive portal, and a bunch of other packages. I also have added to 2 of my networks a seperate computer running ubuntu server, with webmin and Zenoss for network monitoring on all my networks. I am now fully capable of knowing when I have a problem and where it is coming from. PfSense has made my life much less stressful, cost efficient and easier to maintain networking for my customers :) anyway thanks again.

  • I second this post. After fighting with several major router brands. I am done with pulling my hair out.

  • 3rd that! Wicked product!

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