Changing RRD Quality IP

  • I’m trying to change the RRD IP address of Quality monitoring, but no success..

    Searching Forum, I see that this may be problem with RRD & pfSense.,3470.0.html

    Here is my test setup:

    In a clean pfsense setup(1.2-BETA-1 built on Mon Apr 30 10:47:18 EDT 2007),
    I did the following:

    1. Edited /conf/config.xml and put <use_rrd_gateway>key bellow <wan>and <opt1>keys.
    2. Deleted /tmp/config.cache
    3. Deleted /var/db/rrd/*
    3. Rebooted the machine.


    After reboot, I ran this command:
      cat /var/db/rrd/ | grep ping

    But the ping part of file vanished. (There is no quality ping in, and Quality Tab in RRD Graphs came empty too.

    What can I do?


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