2 WAN, one only for IPSec, second for all other

  • Is this possible (newest pfSense version) and what is the correct setup for it?

    Thank you!

  • This is only a showing a way not howto, you could find those in documentation section

    And you have not provided enough information for that ipsec. in/out directions etc..
    Create your wans as you need to do
    Create rules on LAN interface
    1st rule: from LAN subnet to other end of ipsec tunnel use ipsec gateway
    2nd rule: from LAN subnet to any use normal gateway

  • Thanks for your answer!

    Here are some more informations.

    Actually I have one LAN and one WAN. All the traffic goes through WAN (we have about 20 tunnels to other locations). Now I could get a cheap VDSL WAN (50Mbit for just 50 bucks) and I want to automatically balance the traffic to use VDSL for Internet, FTP, Webradio and so on, but all the IPSec-Traffic should stay on the old WAN.

    As I understood right, I just need a second WAN and two rules? That would be great!

  • That's pretty much it. But there might be some problems/work-arounds before getting there

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