Multi WAN switching connections even though packet loss thresholds not met

  • I've got a 3-WAN environment doing purely failover.  We have a 2mbps DSL line, a 2mbps 3G connection, and a 128kbps VSAT backup.  Since the 3G is not unlimited bandwidth, this setup is in 3 tiers, failover only.

    The problem is that the DSL line isn't all that fantastic - it's got high latency sometimes and packet loss.  To avoid the 3G connection from kicking in too often, I set the latency high water marks on the DSL to be 1200-1500ms and the packet loss to be 40-50%.

    Even with these relatively high packet loss thresholds, the gateway statuses still give warnings (and subsequently remove the gateway from the routing group) at 20%!

    Looking in the auto-generated /var/etc/apinger.conf, the
    alarm loss "loss" {
           percent_low 10
           percent_high 20

    parameters clearly are not reflecting what I set.  In each parameter set for my gateways, only the latency settings are there.  Is this a bug?  Is there somehow I can change this?



  • I'm quite sure I solved the problem -

    It's an error in /etc/inc/ on line 163.  It currently reads:

                    if (!empty($gateway['lowloss'])) {

    $gateway['lowloss'] does not exist in the config file, it is called $gateway['losslow'] as evidenced further down on line 165.

    I've corrected this on my own platform and line 163 is now:

                    if (!empty($gateway['losslow'])) {

    Things are now working properly.

    I will submit this to be corrected in a new release.

  • Quickest way would be to make the change on a local copy at github, and then do a pull request:

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