Intranet can't connect smtp from Intranet

  • Hi,
    I has used pfsense 1.0.1 version.
    My LAN network is
    My OPT network is
    In my OPT network.
    I have a mail server.
    IP is
    In my LAN network.
    I have client system.
    When I open Thunderbird want recivice my mail.
    I can connect my mail server.
    But if I want send mail.
    The error message will show I can't connect my mail server.
    Is have any specially settings?

  • Hi akong,

    Have you the appropriate rules in place allowing your LAN (Client Workstation) to access your OPT interface (Mailserver)?

    Are you connecting via SMTP or POP or IMAP or RPC/HTTPS..?

    Dependant on the protocol being used, you would need to allow traffic to different ports on OPT1.

    If this makes sense?