FreeRadius2 doesn't add WebCfg permission selection

  • Great implementation of freeradius on pfSense. This allows to create users for the Captive portal, not adding to pfSense system users. Great!
    Unluckely, Freeradius pages on pfsense webconfigurator don't appear in user's permissions.
    My goal is to let a non-privileged user to access pfsense webcfg ONLY to add/reove/modify users allowed to pass the captive portal.
    Anyone can point me in the right direction to have freeradius pages listed in privileges selection for a pfsense system user?
    Any other idea to reach my goal is welcome, of course.


  • Individual packages don't integrate into permissions so that's not possible at this time.

  • Hi,

    at the moment there it is not possible to use freeradius2 in this way with permissions. So no matter if you allow or deny access to freeradius (because it's not possible) the user will always be able to access freeradius2 pages. So just create a user on pfsense with no access to any page - and so the user cann only access freeradius2 pages. This way it should work. But there is no way to block a user for freeradius2 package.

    So in short:
    Do not just allow freeradius2 webpage but just deny all other pages and freeradius2 will be accessable automatically.

  • Thanks for your replie, Nachtfalke. But It doesn'work.
    If I set any page permission to a user, or just one permission (i.e. Dashboard only), also freeradiusĀ  page is denied.
    No luck. Captive portal + Freeradius unusable for my needings.
    Sorry but, in my opinion, pfSense is then a bad choice for hot-spot management.

    I think I will setup an external server with freeradius + daloradius + mysql to let a user manage only captive portal pass and not the whole administration of the gateway.
    Any chance to install daloradius + mysqlserver on pfsense?

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