Hardware setup - Vlans etc

  • Hi,
    I am just about to setup pfsense at home. I have an adsl connection and run a web and mail server. I will be putting the adsl modem in pure bridge mode to make it invisible. I would like to setup a vlan on the modem/switch to connect the lan from the firewall. My question is, will my lan clients just go through the modem and straight to the internet or be routed through the firewall. Obviously I want them through the firewall. I am not sure about the LAN and WAN tagging options. I have included 2 pictures. One is the network map, done in good ol' paint and the other is the VLAN settings on the adsl modem. Thanks.  ;D

  • Hmm not sure, it doesn't seem to be a trunk connection you have going too the pfSense box, but i could be wrong.