Snort pkg v. 2.2.4 crashes over non existent rules

  • snort[4102]: FATAL ERROR: Unable to open rules file "/usr/local/etc/snort/snort_57646_em1//usr/local/etc/snort/snort_57646_em1/rules/pfsense-voip.rules": No such file or directory.

    After updating from a previous version with for example pfsense-voip.rules enabled, Snort won't start because the rule doesn't exist anymore.
    I know this rule and update has become obsolete, but maybe it would be an idea to check if a rule is in use -and- if it exists before starting snort?

    Great to see the package is moving forward to getting stable.

  • I added the check for that, just reinstall.

  • Thanks for the effort. I already removed it manually. Will test it later and post the result.

  • Tested with Snort pkg v2.3.0 and it works. No more issues.

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