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  • I right now have ntop, darkstat, vnstat2 and bandwidthd installed. None of them are truly usable in my setup.

    darkstat runs only on one interface, even though the web configurator allows the selection of multiple interfaces (UI bug)
    I have to monitor more than one interface => useless. But at least, it recognizes the IPv6 tunnelbroker interface properly, and handles its IPv6 traffic seemingly correctly. Also, there seems to be a bug, where after a system upgrade, one has to go to the settings page and hit the save button, before it starts up again.

    bandwidthd, unlike the rest for some reason to be found in the services menu, can seemingly also only run on a single interface, at least the UI allows only a single interface to be selected. From all I can do it can't handle IPv6 => useless.

    ntop, doesn't recognize the tunnelbroker IPv6 interface, and lists it as BSD loopback interface with an address of

    vnstat2 is full of old php that throws errors, can only work on a single interface, and doesn't seem to be doing anything beyond what the RRD graphs do, so I'm not even sure why this package (still?) exists.

    RRD graphs etc. work fine, but they don't allow for any finer-grained reporting.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Well they are useful for others in other setups, just not for you in your specific use case.

    The lack of IPv6 support in certain packages is not something we can control, sadly, we'd found quite a few that either don't support it now or don't have plans to do so.

    If you know of a bit of software that is capable of doing what you want, feel free to suggest it as a package.

    Perhaps exporting Netflow to another box might be a good fit, though I'm not sure if our netflow exporters (pfflowd or softflowd) do ipv6 yet either.

  • Sure, wasn't meant to knock pfSense, after all, the built-in RRD works just fine.

    As a matter of fact, in many ways it's the thing I like the most, except it doesn't allow to monitor traffic to/from specific IP addresses/nets, which is useful in discovering abnormal traffic patterns.

    It's a bit disheartening though, that authors of such software wouldn't want to support IPv6, which clearly is going to be the future. They might as well just abandon writing the software, period.

    ntop however, seems to support IPv6, it just has an issue with recognizing the tunnel interface. Not sure if that's a BSD, pfSense, or ntop issue, though. That might be worth investigating.

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