No Dashboard traffic graphs for IPsec, even though traffic graph section has it

  • If I go to Status:Traffic Graph, I can select IPSec as an "interface" to graph.
    When I configure the Dashboard traffic graph section, that is not an interface available.

    In my case, where IPSec is the IPv4 "default route", this is somewhat an issue, because I can graph my IPv6 tunnel, but I can't graph the corresponding IPv4 tunnel (IPSec), and can only graph the WAN interface, which is of course the sum of the IPSec and IPv6 tunnel traffic, so I can't graph the two components separately.

    Maybe this can be fixed?

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    Open a feature request in redmine for that, if it's there under Traffic Graphs but not under the Dashboard widget, it should be fixable eventually.

  • Checked in, test

  • @databeestje:

    Checked in, test

    Works just fine here! Awesome.

    Now the only wish left for these graphs is that we could drag them in order, because e.g. my WAN6 (IPv6) interface is a tunnel, and it shows up at 4th position, while the WAN (WAN4 aka IPv4) interface is in first position, the two being separated by LAN and DMZ, which is not a very logical order in my use.

    Currently, the actual IPv4 data traffic goes out over IPSec, which is at 5th position, so that's nice to have next to the WAN6, but that's just a lucky coincidence, because eventually I'll replace that use of IPSec with some GIF or OpenVPN tunnel.

    But basically, given that we can have almost any number of interfaces and rather different usage of them, it would be nice if we could arrange them into a sequence that makes sense for a given configuration. But that's a different issue than what this thread is all about. From what I can tell, the IPSec graphing works just great. Thanks!

  • not touching that with a long stick. Someone else will need to apply.

  • @databeestje:

    not touching that with a long stick. Someone else will need to apply.

    One way of doing it would be to have a widget per interface, rather than having all interfaces in one widget, then the regular dashboard code could be used that's already in place.

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