CF Embedded install, able to partition? / Write Configuration

  • I recently purchased an ALIX 2D3 box to run pfSense on. I plan on installing it to an 8GB CF card (I have read elsewhere that it is possible to use the 4GB img to accomplish this). However, my question is: Is it possible to partition the CF card as such:

    (4GB) /dev/sda1 - pfSense
    (4GB) /dev/sda2 - Data Store

    Also, I'm noticing that it mounts pfSense as a read-only partition. What if I want to create a VPN and have that saved to the system? I see that it writes to RAM, so it sounds like the configuration gets lost if the power is lost. Is there an easy way to write to pfSense or will I have to manually edit config files initially?

    Thanks in advance

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can't really make a "data" partition like that, at least easily. It may be technically possible but not something we support.

    Also the system will switch itself from read-only to read-write when it needs to make a change, and then switch back to read-only when finished.

    You can switch manually as described here:

  • Ehh. I was just hoping  ;). While that wasn't my biggest concern, I'm glad to hear that I'm able to make changes and still reboot the device(retaining those changes). I just got my ALIX in the mail today…unfortunately, dumb me left my null modem cable at work...and now I'm hungry so there's no way I'm going back tonight! THANKS for the info though!

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