• Hi, I have a very odd problem when I try to install pfsense on one machine. I am booting from the live cd and I am trying to install it on the hard drive, which is Hitachi 80Gb Sata. After a successful installation from the live cd, when I boot from the hard drive I get a lot of numbers and letters on the screen and it doesn't boot at all. I am sorry that I cannot explain my issue better, but like I said it is very odd.

    I have installed one pfsense on a similar machine already and it does work fine. I've tried to use pfsense 1.01 and the new BETA, but in both of them I get the same issue.

    Any help is much appreciated.

  • do you have antivirus enabled in the BIOS setup?

  • Hi and thanks for the reply. I don't have an antivirus scanner in the BIOS setup. Also, I have browsed around and I have found a thread where some other users have described the same problem


    It seems that pfsense have issues with the sata hard disks. If someone could give me a hint what could cause this issue it would be awesome.

  • I had a similar issue with a (WD?) PATA 40 GB drive. I'd install and then on reboot it wouldn't mount the filesystem. I suspect it has something to do with the C/H/S translation and seems to happen with certain combos of HDD and IDE controller. I didn't mess with it too much, I just swapped in a 20 GB drive and re-ran the install. FWIW, I have several systems installed on Hitachi 80 GB SATA drives with no problems. You could go into the BIOS setup and try messing with the HDD settings. I'm lazy, so I'd just use another drive.

  • After a lot of testing and reinstalling finally I got pfsense installed on two machines with Hitachi hdds. In both of them I have turned off the 32-bit transfer in the BIOS and I have turned off the packet mode in the pfsense installation. Thanks for the help.