NTOP - Date Range and Data storage

  • Is there any way to have ntop display on data for a set date range.  On another post I was asking about bandwidth monitoring tools, but then thought the only problem I have with ntop is that it seems to display total usage since it was started.

    So i have a few questions:

    1.  Can you specify a date range anywhere for the HTTP Virtual Hosts Traffic data, GUI or config file or command line?
    2. Where does ntop store the data for the HTTP Virtual Hosts Traffic section?
      My understanding is that it is just stored in memory.  If there was some way I could programatically access this data then I could offload it to a SQL database.
    3. I understand some data is stored in the RRD database, does it contain the HTTP Virtual Hosts Traffic data and if so how/where is it stored?

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