Re: Snort pkg v. 2.3.0 webGui unaccessible

  • I'm probably being absolutely thick here but I'm trying to get the web interface back after updating snort yesterday and it was my understanding that a gitsync would do it however the following does not work.

    pfSsh.php playback gitsync RELENG_2_0_1

    Starting the pfSense shell system…...........

    No valid branch found.  Exiting.

    So it being late and me not thinking properly I figured that as that was just a minor release of the 2.0 branch and as it was marked as release code rather than HEAD perhaps pfSsh.php playback gitsync RELENG_2_0 was the way to go. That was a bad move as I now seem to have web pages from 2.0.3

    Can someone tell me what the right tag is to get the 2.0.1 pages back. A reinstall is really not an option at this moment (Remote site, staff on holiday)

  • You need to

    git clone
    cd pfsense
    git checkout -b RELENG_2_0 RELENG_2_0_1
    cp -r etc usr /

    That should do the trick

  • I'm getting the following error when I try to clone the repository

    git clone
    Cloning into pfsense…
    /libexec/ /usr/local/lib/ unsupported file layout

  • Then just go into GUI
    Go to pfSense repo.
    You have a link Tags it will allow you to download an archive with pfSense 2.0.1 contents that you can upload/extract to your firewall.

  • Thanks for that I've got my web interface back and all is good.

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