Replace one end of Linksys RV-042 Tunnel ?

  • Good morning,

    I have a screen shot of one end of a "VPN Gateway to Gateway" tunnel that was between two Linksys RV-042 units.  Was wondering if any one has replaced the static end of this type of link with 2.0.1 and what issues you might have run into as I am looking at doing this next week.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It works fine, you might need to toggle "Prefer Old IPsec SA" under System > Advanced on the Misc tab. You might only be able to use 3DES/MD5, as some of those Linksys units, even if they claimed to do other ciphers and hashes, only worked properly with 3DES/MD5. That may have improved over the years though.

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