Updated Snort -> Config all gone?

  • Hi all,

    I'm still a little new with how PF Sense works so perhaps I just did this wrong.

    I had Snort installed on my system and it was working fine. (as far as I know)

    Noticed there is was an updated package for Snort, so I figured I would update it. Now all my settings are gone! It's as if it was a fresh install… anyway to get my settings back? I had some exceptions..etc added and rather not lose them.

    I had updated by going to the installed packages screen and clicking reinstall package.

    Any help would be great. My version is now: pkg v. 2.3.0

    Little afraid to update Squid3 now. Will I have the same issue?


  • On the global settings page, check "Keep snort settings after deinstall"

  • Thanks for the response.

    Hmm didnt realize an update would apply to uninstall. :(

    Anyway to restore the config or must I reconfigure again?


  • I just discovered this being new to pfsense.  Not a big deal as I did a backup before hand but I would think 99.9% of the time people upgrading the snort package would want to keep their previous config even if they normally want the config removed if they were to uninstall the package (to keep the config relevant to what is used).  I wonder how big of a change it would be to always treat upgrades with a keep config.

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