2 hostapd, 1 wireless card.

  • Hi,

    I'm trying create a virtual access point trough Interfaces -> Assign -> Wireless TAB.
    When create a new interface (Interfaces Assignments) and assign to this virtual ap (created in Wireless TAB), the original interface stop working. When trying to connect, i got timeout error. Just the virtual ap work fine.
    I tested in ng and g modes, wep, wpa, wpa2, AES and TKIP and without auth.
    Atheros mini pci AR9220 and Marvell 88W8363 mini pci.
    When delete the interface of virtual ap and the virtual ap in Wireless TAB, everything back to work.

    Log in System logs -> Wireless:
    hostapd: mwl0_wlan0: WPA rekeying GTK

  • It is possible that a reboot might be required to ensure all the components are correctly initialised.

    1. Save your current pfSense configuration (so you can restore it quickly if necessary).
    2. Add virtual wireless interface (Interfaces -> (assign) click on Wireless tab)
    3. Configure virtual interface, enable and save (but not apply)
    4. Reboot
    5. Test.
    6. Report outcome.
    7. If necessary, restore previous configuration.

    I'm sure at least one reader has reported successful use of multiple wireless interfaces on the one adapter.

  • I try exactly has you said.
    Here is not working.

    Note: Just the virtual access point work.

    Have some problem with this wifi card (Marvell 88W8363) and this function ?.
    have some special configuration like the two be wpa or wpa2… ?.

    Best Regards.

  • Check the MAC addresses for the two virtual access points.  Are they the same?  If so, that is the issue.  The mwl driver disables generation of additional MAC addresses on certain hardware revisions (I have no idea why), which makes it impossible to have more than one functioning virtual access point.  Disabling the hardware revision check for that in the driver makes it work, but I have no idea if there is something about those revisions that have bad behavior with multiple virtual access points.


  • Yes, is the same mac address.

  • I test the patch and works fine!. Have some way to do that patch oficial to the pfsense 2.1 - 8.3 ?.

  • Oh, you have a setup for compiling that?

    What have you tested so far? (how many systems on each virtual access point, do they get simultaneous use, etc.)

  • Yes, i have a setup. Until now, 12 systems (6 playstation 3), 3 smartphones, 1 notebook, 2 tablets. All connected at same time.
    The notebook and playstation 3 is using the "real" access point. WPA2/TKIP NG mode.
    The tablets and smartphones is using the "virtual" access point using the captive portal. The use is for 10 hours / day and 4-5 gb traffic in things like torrents, psn, web browser, emails, voip (skype) and games. Is very much stable and with more days more devices will be connected.

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