Logging DHCP requests?

  • Is there anyway to easily log/display the contents of the DHCP transaction that occurs when the WAN interface retrieves an IP over DHCP

    Specifically I'm interested in the Hex values returned in DHCP option 242 and 243 as these values when converted to decimal give you the sync speed of the VDSL2 line, since the VDSL modem is locked down it's not possible for me to simply login to it to see the sync speed without replacing the Firmware with a hacked version.

    It's probably the only feature of the ISP supplied router I miss is that it was able to display the sync speed of the line by using the information being returned in the DHCP packet.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    you should be able to do release/renew while doing a packet capture I would think.

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