Will openNTPD be fully depreciated in 2.0.2 ?

  • Hello,

    Quick question,  can someone confirm if openNTPD will be fully depreciated in the 2.0.2 release?

    Reason I ask….

    I was running into a similar problem as onhel described over in this thread.

    On 2.0.1-RELEASE the OpenNTPD service would not start.  I found, at least on my system, through trial and error that it might be caused by duplicate entries in /var/etc/ntpd.conf, possibly caused as a result of my 802.1Q VLAN tagging configuration.

    In my case, I have a simple pfSense instance with one WAN interface assigned to a physical port, one LAN interface assigned to a different physical port, and five VLAN interfaces leveraging 802.1q tagging for private vlan isolation, which are all defined and assigned to the same physical network port as the LAN interface.  Something along the lines of...

    WAN x.x.x.x

    ...basically a router on a stick, with the LAN interface as the trunk port to an 802.1q capable managed switch.

    So what I found was that under Services, OpenNTPD, where you CTL-click to select the various interfaces the following would hold true:

    1. If openNTPD was assigned to listen on LAN (only) the service would start fine.
    2. If openNTPD was assigned to listen on any one (or multiple) VLAN gateway interfaces, the service would start fine.
    3. If openNTPD was assigned to listen on BOTH the LAN interface and any one (or multiple) VLAN gateway interfaces simultaneously, the service would NOT start.

    I'm not sure if this is exactly related to what others are experiencing with openNTP not wanting to start/stay running, nor am I exactly clear on why it behaves this way.  I only suspect it's seeing dupe entries in the .conf and can't handle opening up two port 123 listeners on the same physical interface twice, possibly causing the service to not start.  ... just guessing.  The fix in my case was to assign the listener to only the VLAN gateway interfaces.


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    OpenNTPD is gone from 2.0.2 and 2.1. It's ntp.org's daemon now on both.

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