LightSquid Logs Location and Refresh Issue Solution

  • Hi All

    I recently updated two of my pfSense firewalls to the latest lightsquid package and had a couple of issues.

    My Setups:
    pfSense 2.0.1-RELEASE
    squid 2.7.9 pkg v.4.3.1
    lightsquid 1.8.0 pkg v.2.32

    Firstly the directory where the log files need to be stored for lightsquid to pick them up has changed from /var/squid/log to /var/squid/logs.

    This can easily be fixed by changing the logging directory on Services –> Proxy Server --> General --> Log store directory to var/squid/logs.
    Alternatively a link can be created to point the /var/squid/logs to /var/squid/log

    ln -s /var/squid/log /var/squid/logs

    Secondly I noticed on both machines that lightsquid was not longer refreshing with the latest proxy usage stats.

    To fix this you need to add/modify a job in the crontab. The easiest way to do this is to install and use the Cron package.
    In the crontab (Can be viewed from Services –> Cron if installed) you will see two lines which should do the lightsquid refreshing but currently they are not working.

    */60  	*  	*  	*  	*  	root  	/usr/bin/perl /usr/local/www/lightsquid/ today  	
    15  	0  	*  	*  	*  	root  	/usr/bin/perl /usr/local/www/lightsquid/ yesterday

    Either modify the first line by removing the 'today' part on the end of the line or create a new line:

    */60  	*  	*  	*  	*  	root  	/usr/bin/perl /usr/local/www/lightsquid/

    This will resolve the refreshing issue.

  • Thanks Tram.
    That worked for me :)
    Couldn't get sarg to work so this will do in the interim.

  • @NiallCon:

    Couldn't get sarg to work so this will do in the interim.

    why not?  ???