Mail notification on WAN IP Change (cron)

  • One package that I wouldn't mind seeing is some sort of script that runs every x hours (or it could be based on WAN DHCP lease time) that sends you an email when your dynamic WAN IP address has changed. I'd like to TRY to produce this myself (and of course share with all), but I cannot find where the config file is that contains the current WAN IP address.

    Is something like this already out there? I have comcast as an ISP and my IP changes every now and then. It'd be nice to get an alert on my phone (email) that lets me know of these changes.


  • isn't this already done via the dynamic dns provider eg dyndns? i'm sure that some of them have email reporting once they detect a change. that being siad, maybe a package would be useful.

  • This can absolutely be done through a your dynamic DNS provider. However, I would much rather have my pfSense box monitor this for me. If the WAN IP is stored in a config file somewhere on the local filesystem, I would imagine that I'd be able to poll the file at regular intervals. If the result is not the same as the last poll, then it could shoot an email to my gmail account. Sounds pretty straight forward.

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    This is already done on 2.1 during a dyndns update. If it detects the IP has changed, it will send a notification that it changed. If you have smtp notifications enabled, that means it will send you an e-mail when it happens.

  • Excellent. I'll be sure to enable smtp notifications and see if that helps. Appreciate the response!

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