3 WAN Load Balancing - 2 WAN Go full 1 Sleep!! Help!!!

  • This is my conf.

    why 2 wan go full and one sleep??

    Please help…..


  • Probably because your download manager is only using two simultaneous connections. Can't load balance 2 connections across 3 ISPs. Or if it is using 3 connections that may not be enough to get load on all the ISPs as it's connection-based load balancing, if something else got balanced out the other WAN and the round robin put two of the 3 on one of your WANs, that would happen.

  • I know that 3 isp can't load balance with 2 connection but IDM download manager start 16 connection you can see in the screenshot… The mirror used guarantees full bandwith,
    In the graph Tiscali and Fastweb are saturate it should load the third wan. I think the problem is another.

    I tried also 5 different download in 5 different mirror but the WAN3 always sleep.

  • do you get 3 different IPs when refreshing many times after another ?
    If yes, it is working.

    Do all three have different gateways ?

  • Yes i have 3 different gateway.

    Now fixed. The problem was the WAN3 sometimes lost packets and it exclude from load balance… It's possible configure pfsense don't exclude one of the wan if packet loss or high latency??? Or if one of the gateway go off retry the gateway status every tot sec or min and merge again on the load balance?

  • Go to SYSTEM -> Routing
    and configure the packet loss values for the different gateways. Or disable gateway monitoring for one gateway

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