Help with configuation

  • I am trying to use elastix and for some reasson I cant get it to connect going though my pfsense firewall. these are the settings I have i under firewall rules

    TCP/UDP * * my ip address 10000 - 20000 * none   rtp

    TCP/UDP * * my ip address 5060 - 5061 * none   sip

  • From inside the network protected by pfSense to outside, or from outside your network to another host inside? Or, are you trying to communicate with a service on the pfSense host itself?

  • I am running internet into the pfsense firewall then that into elastrix server and my elastrix server is not online because it is blocked

  • What are your LAN firewall rules (please provide a screenshot)?

    What are your port forwarding rules?

    Can the Elastix (which I see is basically Asterix with extras) server connect to the Internet?

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