[resolved] Routing problem

  • Hello,

    I use pfsense 1.2b1 in a datacenter for colocation, i have 62 public IP's from xxx.xxx.xxx.128 to 191, the colocation gateway is xxx.xxx.xxx.129, subnet mask

    I have 4 nic's, my pfsense ip is xxx.xxx.xxx.130

    WAN (xxx.xxx.xxx.130/26, Gateway : xxx.xxx.xxx.129)
    LAN (
    OPT1 (bridged with WAN)
    OPT2 (LAN2,

    I want use 8 public IP's from my 64 IPs to do NAT on LAN2
    So I create 8 VIPs (xxx.xxx.xxx.176-184) and create NAT 1:1 to my LAN2
    In the firewall rules i create some rules like :
    Protocol :TCP/UDP Source :* Destination: xxx.xxx.xxx.176
    I also tried
    Protocol :TCP/UDP Source :* Destination:

    But impossible to join my servers.
    Any ideas ?


  • Destination needs to be the private IP (NAT happens first, then rules). Rules need to be on your WAN interface.

    Can the machines get out to the Internet?

  • Yes machines can get out, i can ping outside or browse Internet, but i can not ping outside to inside.

    I tried this rule on the WAN:

    Protocol :ICMP Source :* Destination: Name: Ping, Log when match
    Protocol :TCP/UDP Source :* Destination: Name : All

    On the OPT1 i also add this rule :

    Protocol :ICMP Source : Destination: *

    In the Log the rule for ping appear :
    Source : outside IP destination
    but on the outside box, i don't have any reply to the ping

    Perhaps there is a problem with the routing because when i bridge the OPT1 with WAN the IP adresse set is : xxx.xxx.xxx.128/26 and the VIP xxx.xxx.xxx.176 is in this network range ?

  • Everything works fine, it was a problem with my switch & vlan.

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