Successfully 2.0.1 install on ibm x220 old server !

  • Hi,

    As i posted in another theard a few questions about installing pf sense on old servers i managed to install it, i also saw another threads ragarding using old servers, maybe will be useful :

    I just set up my x220 ibm old server with pfsense 2.0.1.
    Specs: p3 1,4ghz , 512mb sd ram, scsi hdd one integrated nic as wan and another two interfaces as lan(100mbps, 1gps).
    I was impressed of speed capabilities regardind using such an old sistem.From internet real download speed for one dhcp client is around 8-10mbps from torrent(100mbps connection).
    28% memory usage using packages: squid, nut, sarg, squid3.
    Power consumption 20% using from ups(mustek powermust 600 usb, details took from nut) that means around 120 watt.

    I was impressed of this sistem performance, is better than my old sistem with celeron 1,9ghz 256ddr1.
    I want to make a remark that i managed to install it only using as first install an old version of pfsense and after upgrading at 2.0.1 from gui.(from some reason it was not booting from i386 2.0.1)