PfSense as RADIUS (then authenticate via Win2k8 server)

  • We've got a pfSense server that's doing our routing for Internet access.  Our Wireless APs are Ubiquiti Unifi's, configured as WPA-Enterprise, pointing to our Windows 2008 R2 server which provides the authentication for wireless clients (iPhones, laptops, etc) via the inbuilt Win2k8 RADIUS server.

    Is it at all possible to configure the pfSense server to be our RADIUS server, which then passes on authentication requests from the wireless APs to the Windows 2008 server Active Directory?

    Kinda new to pfSense, so sorry if this is an obvious question.  Hope this makes sense.

    PS: The reason we want to do it this way is because it's annoying having to accept the certificate from the Windows server.  I'm hoping by doing it an alternative way, we can eliminate the need for certificates.

    Any ideas?

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