PfSense -> DD-WRT -> Netgear -> cable modem -> internet -> DSL modem / router ->

  • hello, I am attempting to get either IPsec or OpenVPN to work in my unconventional setup.

    BoxA: pfSense -> DD-WRT router(Wireless Client unbridged mode to my main router using wifi) -> Netgear router -> cable modem->ISP

    that will hop over the internet to BoxB: ISP -> DSL - router -> pfSense BoxB , and then from there, back out to the internet like a proxy?

    basically, my DD-WRT wifi to Netgear is not encrypted or secure, so I want to tunnel from BoxA to BoxB and then out to the net…
    Is this even possible?  ??? I'm sure I have to set up some static routes. I also read that you cannot communicate to devices on the same subnet. What subnets/LAN ip's should i use/change?

    BoxA LAN - WAN(DHCP):, DD-WRT(DHCP) gateway: --> Netgear --> public IP x.x.x.x

    BoxB LAN - WAN(DHCP): --> DSL Router --> public IP x.x.x.x

    If anyone could help me out with this, I would be very happy :D  I would like to get IPsec to work, but will settle for OpenVPN :P

    THANKS !  :)

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