Load Balancing issue

  • After failing all the attempts to configure two PPPoE links on pfsense (WAN and OPT1) I found a workaround.
    Below diagram explains my workaround solution.My ultimate goal is to load balance using both the internet links.In order to achieve load balancing I have  add gateway group (See attachment: GW-Groups.JPG) and  add firewall rule on the LAN interface (See attachment:Firewall rule for Load Balacing.JPG)

    I am using this Pfsense Box as the gateway for my LAN to provide internet access to users.

    I can see traffic is utilizing both the connections from the traffic graph, But when I disconnect One link load balancing is not happening. For some users  connection internet is gone and when reconnect the link its not returning normal state.

    Please help find out where the issue is


    ![Firewall rule for Load Balacing.JPG](/public/imported_attachments/1/Firewall rule for Load Balacing.JPG)
    ![Firewall rule for Load Balacing.JPG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Firewall rule for Load Balacing.JPG_thumb)

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    Both modems have the same IP ? (

    Please post:

    WAN IP Address, Gateway & Subnet Mask

    OPT1 IP Address, Gateway & Subnet Mask

    Also a screenshot of :

    "System: Gateway Groups"


    If you can "put" your Modems in "Bridge" mode, is better…

    If you are on 2.0.1, you can use 2 PPPoE connections with same GW, just need to change the GW Monitor IP to one of the PPPoE connections.


    » Added patch to mpd to allow multiple PPPoE connections with the same remote gateway

  • Requested details

    WAN Modem IP (

    OPT1 Modem IP (

    WAN IP Address( , Gateway (

    OPT1 IP Address (, Gateway (

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