MailWatch for MailScanner

  • HI,… any options to have this in pfSense? :)

    MailWatch for MailScanner is a web-based front-end to MailScanner written in PHP, MySQL and JpGraph and is available for free under the terms of the GNU Public License.

    It comes with a CustomConfig module for MailScanner which causes MailScanner to log all message data (excluding body text) to a MySQL database which is then queried by MailWatch for reporting and statistics.

    Displays the inbound/outbound mail queue size (currently for Sendmail/Exim users only), Load Average and Today's Totals for Messages, Spam, Viruses and Blocked Content on each page header.
    Colour-coded display of recently processed mail.
    Drill-down onto each message to see detailed information.
    Quarantine management allows you to release, delete or run sa-learn across any quarantined messages.
    Reports with customisable filters and graphs by JpGraph
    Tools to view Virus Scanner status (currently Sophos only), MySQL database status and to view the MailScanner configuration files.
    Utilites for Sendmail to monitor and display the mail queue sizes and to record and display message relay information.
    Muliple user levels: user, domain and admin that limit the data and features available to each.
    XML-RPC support that allows multiple MailScanner/MailWatch installations to act as one.

  • Maybe on 2.1, but on 2.0 it breaks pfsense php.

    Another point is that postfix gui on pfsense acts just a forwarder, so no local mailboxes.

    Marcello Coutinho

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