[solved]Load balancing

  • So I want it to work like this
    in the cable load balance

    so i want if modem 1 gets high ping I want new conenctions to start going through the 2nd modem, and if that gets full, then the third and so on.

    Tier 1WAN - Interface WAN Dynamic Gateway
    Tier 4 GW_OPT2 - Interfaceopt2dynamic gateway
    Tier 2 GW_O PT1 - Interfaceopt1dynamic gateway
    Tier 3 OPT3GW -

    And I have it as packet loss or high latency

    then in firewall rules lan i have the firewall rule at the bottom

    and i know it works because if I make them all tier 1 then ips start coming from all of them. However that is kind of a mess and breaks some applications

    so what do I need to do?

    EDIT: Or nevermind it just started working lol

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