Gui aliases problem

  • on build july 18th it seems I can't properly add aliases (hosts). When I click the button to add a new host the text boxes are for ip address and netmask not shown (firefox/ubuntu 12 64bit). in chrome it seems to work fine

    firefox log:
    Data e ora: 19/07/2012 14:40:13
    Errore: obj is null
    File sorgente:
    Riga: 472

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It works for me on Firefox for Windows and Ubuntu both.

    Make sure you clear your cache and close/reopen between attempts when something appears to not work. Especially if it's after a recent upgrade, your browser could have cached an old bit of JS or CSS.

    Otherwise, provide a screenshot of what it's doing when it's broken, that may help track it down, if there is a repeatable issue.

  • you're right, I've cleaned the cache and it works now. dumbe me for not thinginkg about that. And that's the first thing I suggest to customers with similar issues :) I need vacations :p

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