App not working on Lan side

  • We have installed a new PFsense router appliance. Duplicated all the rules as needed and all is working well but one item. We have a dedicated site for Screen Connect running on ports 80 and 443. It works fine from users on the Wan same as did on the old router. However with the new router we can no longer access the site from our Lan. The Screen Connect port scanning tool shows port 80 is not open from our Lan. I can't seem to find where or how the PFsense router is doing this. ?

  • I finally resolved this issue. It requires that nat reflection for port forwards check box be un-checked in the Advandaced settings on the Firewall tab. Then I had to delete the already made rules for 80 and 443. Then when creating the new rules I had to make sure that Nat Reflection was set to Enable for each Nat rule.

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