Pfsense Performance tunning

  • I have configure pfsense 2.0.1 with two PPPoE connections.(Each link with 1 MB bandwidth)
    In my scenario there is a load balance rule two failover rules and squid proxy running on the same pfsense box.

    My hardware configuration is 1 GB RAM with 3.0 GHz Processor, 80 GB HDD running on Intel D945GNT motherboard.

    I have serious performance issue under below mention situations

    1)Browsing is slow and not at a expected speed.
    2) When a link fails all the running processors with that link fails and never returned back to normal (I have to reinitiated Process again )
    3)Sometimes , if Both the links are up its  showing as gathering data.

    Is there any fine tuning needs to be done to  overcome this.

    Please advise .


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