French ISP OVH config

  • I am trying to figure out which configuration I should use with a French ISP "OVH" which offers a delegated /56

    The ISP tells : "you can activate IPv6 : /56 Dual Stack with prefix delegation"

    I am not sure how I should configure pfSense in order to match these specs… ?
    I have a /56 prefix which I have been delegated : 2001:41d0:fc82:5600::
    Two IPv6 DNSes, and that's It : no GW…

    I am a bit lost I have to say.

    Any help regarding the most appropriate setting will be very welcome !


  • i think they are suggesting using prefix delegation with dhcp 6.

    Set the wan to dhcp6 and set the prefix size to 56.

    On the lan page you can select track interface for ipv6 and fill in a number. 0 is fine too.

    That should be it although you might need a reboot. I think the current version goes about it better.

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