Interface Config Problems

  • Original settings:


    ipv4: dhcp
    ivp6: dhcpv6

    OPT1 / OPT2: unconfigured.

    ADSL Modem connected to WAN:, with dhcp giving pfsense

    All was working fine, albeit with nasty double NAT.

    Second Config

    Lan: unchanged

    Wan:  PPPOE.
    Pfsense took me through the creation process, and creates a new PPPOE0 and associated interface in PPP's.
    In assign interfaces, Wan interface is now PPPOE0 (rl1)

    Now having done this, I decided to leave the ADSL modem handling the login side of things, by putting it into half bridge mode.

    I now need to reconfigure WAN to be dhcp.

    Having removed the pppoe0 interface from PPP's, and reset the WAN interface to rl1,
    The WAN config page will not allow me to change back to dhcp.

    On the WAN page,
    IPv4 Configuration Type is still PPPoE,
    IPv6 Configuration Type is still DHCP6.

    Any attempts to change ipv4 config type to
    None, or DHCP result in the error:  You have to reassign the interface to be able to configure as dhcp.

    Note I have already done this!

    I managed to get around this error by changing ipv4 config type to static. and entering as its ip, applying the changes, and then, it would let me change back to DHCP.

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